Nabolagshager is a think-and-do tank that works with the social aspects of sustainable, urban development. As social entrepreneurs, we work with people, planet, and profit to make cities greener and more social. In our work we participate in research projects and conduct social programming, while also obtaining funding from our services and products.

As one of the oldest civil society organizations in Greece, KMOP is dedicated to making a positive social impact via their mission to contribute to effective social-policy design and to programs that promote individual well-being, reduce inequalities, eliminate vulnerabilities, and foster inclusive and sustainable growth. Working with influential actors in the public and private sectors, KMOP has a strong focus on analyzing societal challenges and working towards knowledge-based, solution-oriented actions that are crucial to fostering social resilience and well-being.

XWHY Lithuania applies their human sciences background to a variety of professional settings such as product development, identity creation, urban planning and community enhancement. Within the placemaking space, XWHY has conducted important research on arts and culture in the pursuit of improving funding, infrastructural vibrancy, and cultural policies.

Organization Earth is a Greek NGO founded in 2010 with the mission of fullfilling the concept of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, through the provision of experiential, non-formal education for sustainable development for all ages. By designing and facilitating experiential, non-formal educational activities that introduce key sustainability issues into everyday life, and empower individuals and businesses to develop new skills, Organization Earth is able to create positive change at the local level.

Established in 2000, the Province of Livorno Development deals with implementing programs and projects at a European, national, regional level. Provincia di Livorno Sviluppo supports partners in the field of economic development, services for work and professional training, and orientation.

KMOP Policy Center was established in Brussels in 2020, with the aim to conduct in-depth research, produce impactful, evidence-based policies, and advocate on social issues. Capitalizing on our long experience in the provision of social services, we analyze, design and recommend policies that promote social welfare, individual well-being and equal opportunities, bringing real change for individuals and communities.

Gain and Sustain is an innovation-driven, interdisciplinary consultancy firm based out of Klagenfurt, Austria. For more than 10 years they have been developing projects that are accounted for by subsidies at state, federal state and EU level. With social sustainability and entrepreneurship at the core of Gain and Sustain, the company has been a dynamic force in regards to project management, event planning, mediations, political campaigns, and more.