Photo taken by Nabolagshager.

The goal of the project is to turn community gardens to local learning centres for adult education and to strengthen democratic attitudes through civic engagement and civic participation.

The «GarDem» project further aims to address the need of spaces for adult non-formal learning and works for a transformation of model of spaces where adults are already active and participating. The transformation will cover gardening activities, soft-skills, such as problem-solving, teamwork and communication through guided activities and non-formal learning, but also through community interactions and peer / informal learning combined with critical thinking and creativity through the gardening activities. In addition, the project will also promote resilience and adaptability to the changes and uncertainties due to climate crisis. At the same time, the proposed project aims at addressing needs such as low civic participation, climate uncertainty, and democratic backsliding.

The project’s value impact will be:

  • Raise awareness on democratic values and opportunities for community and civic participation in local communities of countries represented in the consortium.
  • Strengthen participation in community activities and non-formal education through a system of equal opportunities in the context of project activities.

The main project’s reults will be:

  • Produce support schemes for the creation and development of community gardens as forward learning centres.
  • Develop and make available gardening and environmental sustainability training curriculum and programme.
  • Provide lifelong skills through the availability of the training material after the completion of the project and the dissemination activities.